​as an organization, we take pride in the values of The Wendy's Company and Dave Thomas, along with a few of our own.




We are dave's legacy!

Do the Right Thing                            



Give Something Back                                   

Profit Is Not A Dirty Word               


Treat People With Respect               


Quality is Our Recipe                                    

Deliver quality products, to the extra mile for customers, practice the highest food safety standards.

help others, mentor new employees, volunteer for community events.

Take care of every customer, control food waste, make teamwork a priority.

Always say "please and thank you", make every customer feel welcome

serve the best food in the industry!



The Wenspok resources franchise is comprised of 32 locations all under the wenspok companies umbrella. We are also affiliated with the Alberta, Canada group of restaurants and the Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota group of restaurants:


Wenspok Map.JPG
Nebraska Wengrand Wenplatte Map v. 2019.